We are seeking healthcare professionals to service local correctional facilities throughout the State of Colorado. Our healthcare professionals will be responsible for providing comprehensive on-site healthcare to all offenders housed in these facilities that is comparable to community standards. These are temporary and/or intermittent short term positions lasting up to 6 months, often involving local travel. For distances greater than 50 miles round trip but less than 400, mileage will be paid at a rate of 53.5 cents per mile.

Compensation: $75 – 81 per hour

Pharmacist Responsibilities:

  • Review and verify prescription/medication order(s) from on-site physician or other authorized prescribers, checking their authenticity, correctness, and legality
  • Assess prescription/medication order(s) against patient’s/youth’s medical profile for improper drug selection, under-dosage, dosage, over-dosage, drug interactions, dosage form and delivery system
  • Supervisor pharmacy technician or directly prepare, manufacture, compound and dispense drugs and pharmaceutical preparations
  • Provide consultations to Correctional Facility healthcare staff and provide discharge consultations as required
  • Supervise and directly maintain records of drugs, poisons, and chemicals received, on hand and dispensed
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Pharmacist Requirements:

  • Current Pharmacist license valid in the state of Colorado
  • Must be able to pass Federal background check
  • Able to travel to different locations in the Colorado area
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