Job Description

Executes landscaping & irrigation installation operations and maintains grounds and landscape of private and business residences: Participates in preparing and grading terrain, seeding and sodding lawns, layout and installation of irrigation systems, and transplanting shrubs and plants, using manual and power-operated equipment, Install and plants shrubs, trees, and flowers per plan. Responsible for proper use and care of hand tools and mechanical equipment issued to installation team members. Display professional appearance and manner. Must notify Foreman when he leaves job site. Ensures the company facilities and grounds are maintained to a professional appearance.

Performance Standard

All installation will be performed in a timely and professional manner to meet the requirements of the job as outlined by the contract. Unusual situations may be brought to the attention of Installation Supervisor for resolution. Technicians comply with company policies and procedures to include employee handbook, safe operation of tools and equipment, and all other landscaping installation requirements. Customer satisfaction is expected (process outlined in employee handbook). Will be held accountable for the behavior and performance of all in the assigned crew.

Landscape Installation Technician Rate of Pay

Stage 1 $13.00/hr.

Apprentice Technician in training and gaining experience. Three to twelve months.

Stage 2 $14.00/hr.

Landscape and Irrigation Technician has successfully completed apprenticeship. Pay is given based on performance and production. Landscape Supervisor and Landscape Foreman to decide on pay rate based on performance and compliance of company policy and standards.

Stage 3 $15.00/hr.

Landscape and Irrigation Tech has successfully completed apprenticeship. Has common knowledge of all hand tools, power equipment, and has successfully completed machine training and is certified to operate machines. Has general ability to read and understand landscape and irrigation plans. Pay to be determined based on performance and production decided by Landscape Supervisor.


  • Min. 1 year Irrigation & Landscape Installation experience
  • Min. 1 year Specialty Construction (water features & patios) experience 

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